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Many organisations are familiar with Lean manufacturing principles; some are already using them - but how many have become too swamped with 'Lean jargon' to be aware of the huge benefits a Lean approach can bring both to businesses and the environment?

Let us simplify matters. Join Manufacture 2030, SA Partners and Ball Corporation as we explore: 

  • How implementing a Lean approach to manufacturing provides tangible benefits for productivity and efficiency within an organisation;

  • The environmental benefits of adopting a Lean approach;

  • Case studies from companies to reflect these benefits from within the food and drink industry; 

  • How Ball Corporation approach and maintain a Lean culture, and the consequent benefits - both for their organisation and the planet. 

There will be plenty of time after the session for questions, so come ready to dig deeper into this topic!

Date: 28th February 2019

Time: 14:30 - 15:30 GMT

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Jeff Williams
Business Development Director
SA Partners

ray howcroft blackwhite

Ray Howcroft
Lean Enterprise Manager
Ball Corporation

Any questions? Let us know:

Emily Devine
Manufacture 2030 Community Manager
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